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Welcome to


Creative Leadership Lab

WINGS elevate creativity. We work with teams and organisations from the world of marketing and communications, and support them to drive creative excellence through bespoke consultancy, inspiring training, practical workshops, ideation sprints, and uplifting talks at industry conferences or corporate events.


Since our launch in 2017, our aim has been to democratise creative transformation consultancy so that more people and organisations from more markets can benefit, at the right time.    

About us
WINGS ceative leadership lab key visual

Of course, WINGS can fly.

We are a nomad Lab,

and we travel everywhere we are needed.

Who is WINGS for?

WINGS ceative leadership lab key visual

WINGS Creative Leadership Lab focuses on organisations which value creativity as a vital element of their success. We work with teams, or groups of individuals from the world of marketing and communications: agency side, or client side, and sometimes both together in a vibrant creative collaboration.


We are obsessed with focusing on driven and ambitious organisations, teams and people. They are the ones who are eager to learn, willing to prove and improve, and just as biased towards action as we are.

What topics
does WINGS tackle?

Most of WINGS’ sessions are tailored

for the specific needs of our clients and their projects,

mixing bespoke consultancy

with training and practical exercises.

Therefore the topics can be very diverse indeed.

We run ideation workshops

that actually lead to relevant creative ideas,

we facilitate co-creation sprints

to ensure collaboration and integration across disciplines,

and conduct inspiration sessions that provide

brain food for teams at the beginning of big projects.

We also regularly conduct sessions on topics such as:

Developing a culture of creative excellence

Taking clients along on the creative journey

Maximising the creative process

Selling creative work

Developing award-winning case studies

Storytelling for business and brands

Humanising brands

Newsroom mentality for contemporary advertising

Creative power of brand purpose

Driving creative excellence - for marketers

Leading creative people

Mastering the art of feedback

Personal branding for creative leaders

Becoming creative director: first 100 days' plan

For who
What we do
WINGS ceative leadership lab key visual

How does WINGS work?

Great question!

WINGS’ method is best described through the Lab concept.

WINGS uses appropriate theory, but goes beyond that, using extensive real life practice and solid expertise in the sector. It delivers an engaging, uplifting and compelling participatory experience.

High-flyers get practical solutions, dynamic strategies tailored for them and the units they lead, as well as the confidence to reach high knowing they have realistic roadmaps and tools to succeed.


And wings of course. Everyone gets their wings.

The method

Why did WINGS evolve?

WINGS ceative leadership lab key visual

The offer available for companies who want to elevate their creativity, invest in their talent, and turn their best creative people into creative leaders, is scarce. It’s rarely specific to the creative sector, restricted to only a couple of global hubs, and is often too theoretical. It can also be expensive and involve a significant amount of time away from the office.


As a result, creative leadership development can often become reserved for just a few people, usually the most senior leaders of organisations.

Learning how to properly lead for creative excellence when you're already at senior executive level is a little too late for most people. Why crawl and stumble for years through the everyday challenges, with painful consequences for everyone involved, when you could fly high right from the start?


WINGS provides a new option,

so that more high-fliers can take wing with confidence.

Pragmatic. Democratic. Convenient.

Condensed. Engaging. Effective.

Our purpose

WINGS is first and foremost a response to these issues:

Great creative leadership and a culture of creative excellence are vital to business success in the industry of marketing and communications.


And yet, in some firms they are left to chance, without a clear strategic outline for them.

In today’s crowded communication landscape, there is a stronger link between creativity and effectiveness.


Without a strong creative approach of each project, achieving the needed results takes longer and it is more expensive.

While climbing up the career ladder, creatives become experts at their craft, but often don’t properly develop their leadership skills at the same time.


This has a costly impact on their own career, the people they lead and the organisation.

Seasoned executives can rarely allocate enough time to mentor up-and-coming creative leaders, and often struggle to pass on their skills effectively.


Moreover, though gender diversity has significant business advantages, statistics show that 

creative women are less likely to be mentored, developed and tapped for creative leadership roles.

Client organisations are looking for new ways in which they can effectively collaborate with agencies and ensure the different teams truly work together for integrated campaigns. 

The process of co-creation is proven to lead to better alignment, and to more support for big, brave ideas through genuine ownership from the start by both the agencies and the client, and still very few companies use it, or use it correctly.

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Getting creative leadership consultancy from someone who actually is a creative leader… well… it helps.  


Gabriela Lungu, WINGS’ founder, has been a creative executive for over 15 years. She has worked for many years in the creative sector for top firms in brand marketing and advertising, PR and social, experiential and activation, in different countries, cultures and environments: local and international firms, large and small, independent and networked, agency and client-side.


She is an award-winning creative director, and a creative entrepreneur, building an agency from scratch and growing it to become one of the most awarded agencies of its kind. She also has a strong theoretical base; she has benefited from extensive leadership development over the years, through training and coaching, and has studied strategic management at a prestigious university in the UK.


Gabriela is often invited to judge A-list global creative competitions, to be a keynote speaker at top international and local industry events, and a guest tutor for advanced educational programmes. She’s always enjoyed helping others elevate their creative and leadership skills, and has dedicated time to train and mentor talented people.


Where do WINGS’ sessions happen?

We are a nomadic Lab; we travel everywhere to work with the high-flyers who need us. Until now we've been to over 15 countries and more than 20 cities around the globe. We could do a session for you right in your meeting room, or another creative space of your choice.

In which language are WINGS’ sessions?

We work in English.

How much will a session cost?

It depends on many factors. So please get in touch to discuss what you need. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised. Our aim is to democratise this type of consultancy, so that more high-flyers can get the support they need to succeed, at the right time.

Can WINGS deliver a bespoke session for my team?

Yes. Most of our sessions are tailored for the needs of our clients. Some topics are more general, but others are really specific, regarding a certain project or issue. Get in touch to let us know your requirements.

Can WINGS’ founder come to speak to our conference?

Yes. Gabriela is often invited as keynote speaker to international and local industry conferences or private corporate events where she talks passionately about creativity, communications, integration, purpose, diversity and leadership. Please get in touch.

I’m an experienced creative director. Will I still find WINGS useful?

WINGS delivers bespoke consultancy and many different types of sessions. Whatever your level, you may still find some of them useful for either yourself, your team or your clients. Let's find out - just get in touch.

I’m a creative individual, and not part of a team. How can I access WINGS' services?

WINGS takes part to many open conferences and events, specifically to work with groups of individuals interested in their own development. Keep an eye on our social channels, where we announce these sessions.

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