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helps creative high flyers to fly. High.

Welcome to


Creative Leadership Lab

We turn creatives into creative leaders. We work with high-potential creative people and organisations and deliver a mix of consultancy, workshops and hands-on training. On creativity. On leadership. And, more often than not, on both, and how they can strengthen each other.


We aim to democratise creative leadership consultancy, so that more high-flyers from more markets and organisations can benefit, at the right time.    

About us

Who is WINGS for?

WINGS Creative Leadership Lab focuses on the creative sector and organisations which value creativity as a vital element of their success.


We work with teams, or groups of individuals, from the worlds of advertising, PR, digital & social, marketing, media and beyond. Agency side, or client side, and sometimes both together in a vibrant creative collaboration.


WINGS is right for you if you’re a high-flyer. If you don’t already have that inner craving to reach high, then flying with WINGS is maybe not something you should consider.


We are obsessed with focusing on driven, high-potential, ascending organisations, teams and people. They are the ones who are eager to learn, willing to prove and improve, and just as biased towards action as we are.

Of course, WINGS can fly.

We are a nomad Lab,

and we travel everywhere we are needed.

Our clients

What topics

does WINGS tackle?

Most of WINGS’ sessions are tailored

for the specific needs of our clients and their projects,

mixing bespoke consultancy

with training and practical exercises.

Therefore the topics can be as very diverse.

We also conduct more general sessions on topics such as:

Selling creative work

Taking clients along on the creative journey

Developing a culture of creative excellence

Creative business blueprint

Fundamentals of leading creative people

Productive creative process

Winning more awards

From creative to creative leader – first 100 days

Evaluating creative work

Master the art of feedback

Personal branding for creative leaders

Creative leadership for marketers

Creative power of brand purpose

Our work

How does WINGS work?

Great question!

WINGS’ method is best described through the Lab concept.

WINGS uses appropriate creativity and leadership theory, but goes beyond that, using extensive real life practice and solid expertise in the sector. It delivers an engaging and compelling participatory experience.

High-flyers get practical solutions, dynamic strategies tailored for them and the units they lead, as well as the confidence to reach high knowing they have realistic roadmaps and tools to succeed.


And wings of course. Everyone gets their wings.

Our method

Why did WINGS evolve?

The offer currently available for companies who want to invest in their creative talent is scarce. It’s rarely specific to the creative sector, restricted to only a couple of global hubs, and is often too theoretical. It can also be expensive and involve a significant amount of time away from the office.


As a result, creative leadership development can often become reserved for just a few people, usually the most senior leaders of organisations.

Learning the ropes of leadership when you're already at senior executive level is a little too late for most creative people. Why crawl and stumble for years through the everyday challenges, with painful consequences for everyone involved, when you could fly high right from the start?


WINGS provides a new option,

so that more high-fliers can take wing with confidence.

Pragmatic. Democratic. Convenient.

Condensed. Engaging. Effective.

Our purpose

WINGS is first and foremost a response to these issues:

Great creative leadership in the marketing and communications sector is vital to business success.


And yet, in some firms it is left to chance, without a clear strategic outline for it.

While climbing up the career ladder, creative people become experts at their craft, but often don’t properly develop their leadership skills at the same time.


This has a costly impact on their own career, the people they lead and the organisation.

Seasoned executives can rarely allocate enough time to mentor up-and-coming leaders. 


When they do, they often struggle to pass on their skills effectively, as many of them didn’t benefit from structured leadership training either.

Statistics show that talented creative women are less likely to be developed and tapped for creative leadership roles.


At the same time, increasing gender diversity has significant business advantages.

In today’s crowded communication landscape, there is a stronger link between creativity and effectiveness.


Without a strong creative approach, achieving the needed results takes longer and it is more expensive.

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Getting creative leadership consultancy from someone who has actually been an established creative leader… well… it helps.  


Gabriela Lungu, WINGS’ founder, has been a senior creative executive for over 13 years. She has worked for more than 20 years in the creative sector for top firms in advertising, PR and social, in different cultures and environments, local and international firms, large and small, independent and networked, agency and client side.


She is an award-winning creative, and a creative entrepreneur, building an agency from scratch and growing it to become one of the most awarded agencies of its kind. She also has a strong theoretical base; she has benefited from extensive leadership development over the years, through training and coaching, and has studied Strategic Management.


Gabriela is often invited to judge A-list creative competitions, and as keynote speaker at international and local industry events. She’s always enjoyed helping others develop their creative and leadership skills, and delivering co-creation workshops for brands. As part of her previous agency roles, she led a ‘Creative Revolution’ training programme in over 15 markets, for over 300 professionals across EMEA.


Where do WINGS’ sessions happen?

WINGS is registered in Central Europe, in the beautiful city of Prague, so we sometimes hold sessions there. But we are a nomad Lab; we travel everywhere to work with the high-flyers who need us. Please get in touch.

In which language are WINGS’ sessions?

We work in English.

How much will a session cost?

It depends on many factors. So please get in touch to discuss what you need. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised. Our aim is to democratise this type of consultancy, so that more high-flyers can get the support they need to succeed, at the right time.

Can WINGS deliver a bespoke session for my team?

Yes. Most of our sessions are tailored for the needs of our clients. Some topics are more general, but others are really specific, regarding a certain project or issue. Please get in touch to let us know your requirements.

Does WINGS’ founder give speeches?

Yes. Our founder is often invited as keynote speaker to international and local industry conferences or private corporate events where she talks passionately about creativity, communications, integration, purpose, diversity and leadership. Please get in touch.

I’m an experienced creative leader and have benefited from training in the past. Will I still find WINGS useful?

WINGS delivers bespoke consultancy and many different types of sessions. Whatever your level you may still find some of them useful for either yourself, your team or your clients. Let's find out - just get in touch.

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Our founder
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